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Chronic Illness



Chronic illness and recovery have in some way impacted all of us. You may be dealing with it in the context of a family member or with yourself. Whether it's you or your partner, dealing with chronic health issues like Lyme or cancer, or being new to or struggling to find your footing in recovery from alcohol or drugs, it's important to work with someone who understands the unique landscape of these issues. 

I work holistically. That means that I see the person in the context of all of who they are. Sleep, nutrition, play, work and yes, even sex are essential areas to explore in counseling to discover what is the unique blueprint for wellbeing. Challenges in one or more of these areas can lead to anxiety and depression. Oftentimes, sex and how we express our sexuality in the world is considered the last thing on the list if it's explored at all. My work is grounded in models of sexuality that are sex-positive and affirming.

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